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GP Extended access

Available to 106,000 patients

Offering 210 appointments per week

What is Extended Access

Additional same day and booked appointments provided by GPs, Nurse Prescribers, Clinical Pharmacists, Practice Nurses and other clinicians outside of your core General Practice hours.

Available as follows:

16.00 - 20.00 Monday to Friday

08.30 - 12.30 Saturday

08.30 - 12.30 Bank Holidays

All appointments will be located at

Weavers Medical – Prospect House

Who can use extended access?

Any patient registered with a GP practice in Kettering area (including Rothwell, Desborough, Burton Latimer - Patients from Mawsley practice are not able to be referred to the service, yet, as we working on a solution for the different IT service), in particular patients 

  • Who find it difficult to attend an appointment during the working day.

  • Who are working parents with children

  • Who are relaying on transport by others

The community GP Hub appointments are for routine general practice issues and not urgent care. If urgent care is required please call the NHS 111 service for advice.

What type of appointments are available?

A range of appointments will be available at the HUB including the following:

GP - Any routine GP appointments

Nurse Practitioner - any acute minor illness

Paediatric Nurses - any acute illnesses in children between 0-5years

Practice nurse - Family planning, Blood pressure checks, foot pulses check, ear syringing

Physiotherapy - a specialist assessment of any acute muscle skeletal condition (over 16years)

Mental Health Practitioner - acute anxiety, depression, stress reaction

Note the list will continue to grow 

How to book an appointment

All the appointments in the Kettering Hub are booked by the patient practice remotely. Some appointments are available to be booked ON-THE-DAY, some appointments are booked in advance

No WALK-IN facility is available

All practices in the Kettering area have access to these appointments. 

Blood tests and referrals

The GP Hub clinicians will be able to view previous test results. If a test is needed, a recommendation will be made to the usual GP practice.

Routine referrals will not be made directly from the GP Hub. If a routine referral might be required, a recommendation will be made to the usual GP practice

Any emergency referral on the same day will be arranged directly by the Hub clinician. 

Medical Records

To provide the safest and highest quality of care patient full clinical record will be available to the GP Hub clinicians. 


Patients attending the Hub will be asked to give consent before they access your record. 


Notes of consultation will be sent back to the individuals' own GPs electronically to ensure that the records are kept up to date.